At UMANICK, we are committed with the safety of persons and organizations. Our biometric software with fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition, allows people to identify themselves in an easy and secure way. Something that is impossible with the traditional methods of cards and passwords.

Get to know better each person, what makes them unique, and you will be able to identify them with total accuracy

A person’s identity is defined by several elements: Their biometric features, biographical and physiological information, identification documents, and their behavior in a certain context.

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Each person’s physical features, like: fingerprints, face images, iris, or voice pattern. They make them unique, and allow us to accurately identify them.

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An individual’s identity is also defined by the physiological, sociodemographic, family related, or contact information. Even by the financial information, medical history, or academic information, among others. And by official identification documents as passports, national ID documents, driving licenses, or healthcare ID cards.

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Some features that distinguish us are related to how we walk, type on a computer’s keyboard and almost any behavior that can be measured in a certain context.

UMANICK Identity is the complete solution to manage people’s identity with total SECURITY, CONVENIENCE AND SPEED.

UMANICK Identity

UMANICK Identity Suite, a complete solution to manage people’s identity

You can trust identities with UMANICK Identity Suite

With the most advanced biometric algorithms: fingerprint, iris, face, and voice recognition. Based on international standards with proven success. Different elements in a suite of integrated products.

UMANICK Identity Workbench:

A powerful desktop application specially designed for the most demanding environments of enrolment and identification.

UMANICK Identity Portal: 

You will only need an internet browser to identify and verify people’s identity.

UMANICK Identity Mobile:

Native app that allows biometric identifications with the advantages of mobility.

UMANICK Identity Server:

Powerful multibiometric server, highly scalable, to identify up to millions of persons. The heart of UMANICK Identity solution.

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Any organization, no matter if small or big, can benefit using biometrics. Our multibiometric software of fingerprint, iris, face, and voice recognition fits to different types of organizations and needs.

UMANICK Identity

You can trust identities with UMANICK Identity

Umanick Identity Suite a complete solution to manage people’s identity

Our software UMANICK Identity uses the most advanced biometric technologies, allowing you to identify your customers, patients, citizens, employees and students.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Inequivocally identify your patients, eliminate the identification errors that may harm your patients’ health. Avoid fraud by patients’ identity theft. Reduce your healthcare spending.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Eliminate the fraud by your clients’ identity theft, and the related economic costs. Increase your security, customers’ satisfaction, and your company’s reputation.

Goverment and Public Administration

Allow your citizens access their information in a secure way, on-line and onsite. Develop secure and convenient polling. Pay the pensions and other benefits to the right person.

Universities and other Education Centers

Be sure that the student answering a test or actions within a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is the same one that registered for the course.

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We want to make the world a safer place. Identity fraud, impersonation and theft are close to disappear.


“The secure and unambiguous identification system UMANICK has developed for the Onco-Hematologic Day Hospital of la Arrixaca has been a guarantee of safety for the patient, in an environment in which an error is a very high risk, because it may involve administering a cytostatic to the wrong person, with the serious consequences that this entails”.
Gorka Sánchez Nanclares, Responsible for Innovation at Murcia Health Service
“The integration with UMANICK Identity has caused no disruption at our organization. We have improved our services in terms of functionality and security of our products at very little cost. The product and UMANICK’s technical team have both outperformed our initial expectations.”
Jorge Pitarch Tena, CTO, ISECO
“The Integration of our HIS (Hospital Information System) with UMANICK Identity was way simpler than usual. The accurate, concise documentation as well as the full support of UMANICK’s technical team to resolve issues, has meant that the integration has been working since the second day. And was completed in 4 days. Now, our HIS provides greater patient safety”
Antonio José Antonino Picó, CTO Alfatec Sistemas
“As the head of applied research into biometric technologies at the Institute of New Image Technologies (INTI), I understand the need of collaborating with an inspiring research partner. In UMANICK we have found a dynamic partner, capable of transferring fundamental research findings into commercial solutions that meet society’s needs.”
Ramón Mollineda, Associate Professor Universitat Jaume I (UJI)
“Competing in the software market means you have to be constantly improving, always innovating and offering what the market demands at any given time. The integration of UMANICK Identity into our ControlCenter software has led to massive improvements in the potential of our solutions, expanding our target market. And all in a very short time.”
Vicente Collado, Product Manager, Iseco Sistemas SL
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