Desktop cabinet for storage and charge of mobile devices with state-of-the-art biometric security.

BioLocker is an essential tool for supporting mobility projects in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

The cabinet is connected to the network with the biometric server, UMANICK Identity Server, where the user’s fingerprints are compared against the biometric database’s records, previously registered with UMANICK Identity Workbench. If the identification is positive and the user is authorized, the cabinet opens, allowing access to the mobile devices.

“The introduction of this new system has meant a significant improvement in security, since it unequivocally identifies people who have access to tablets. Also, greater agility and comfort, because the identification is instantaneous and the staff does not need to memorize a password or carry a card, which can be lost. Reducing the time needed to identify themselves simplifies the whole process, and this has a positive impact on the quality of service”
José Manuel Alcaraz Muñoz Head of Service Coordination and Computer Applications, Servicio Murciano del Salud


Biometric access control:

  • FBI certified fingerprint sensor.
  • Biometric sensor capable of detecting false fingers; aAnd of high functional quality, for both dry and wet fingers.
  • Intelligent lock withof maximum security, that supports a force of up to 150 kg. Sensor with alert, indicating if the door has been left open.
  • Integrable with any access control system.

Large storage capacity:

  • Inside compartment with storage and charge capacity for up to 15 tablets – the dimensions of each cell fit most devices of maximum dimensions of 32 cm x 24.5 cm x 2.8 cm.

Robust and flexible design:

  • Country-specific outlet strips to fit 15 AC adapters.
  • On/Off power button.
  • Well-designed ventilation and continuous operating fans keep devices cool.
  • Steel structure with anti-corrosive paint and easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip and anti-vibration feet to prevent damage to stored devices, which support 94.4 kg of compression load.

Very easy to use:

  • Shipped fully assembled and with accessories.
  • Assembly in 10 minutes. Plug in the cabinet, insert the mobile devices, and charge them! The devices’s AC adaptors themselves are used. All tablets are charged simultaneously with a single power cord plug to the wall.


Power cord

Lan cable (Ethernet)


Technical Specifications

Power supply 90-130V AC 60 Hz / 200-240V AC 50 Hz · 6A

Dimensions (W x H x D) 54 x 39.6 x 35 cm

Weight 25 kg