UMANICK completes the adoption of Scrum as agile development process. The goal is to make more regular deliveries with maximum quality to our customers of new versions of our biometric software products. The entire team of developers has obtained the Scrum Manager Expert Level official certification.

software biométrico

At UMANICK, we know that “software that is not in the hands of the customer does not produce benefits“. Therefore, our main objective is to continuously supply customers with new versions of our biometric software products with maximum quality.

We carry several years working hard on the continuous improvement of the biometric software development and manufacturing processes. We have complemented the implementation of Scrum with a set of best practices and other agile methods, such as creating coding conventions, development and automation of unit testing as an essential step in the process, or continuous code integration.

By certifying the entire development team in Scrum Manager we wanted to go a step further in the training of all its members in the culture and values of the agile paradigm, where the most important elements are people and their interaction as a way to get the best results; where collaboration with the user and client, the ability to adapt and respond to changes, and the facility to have software products always available and running are key.

Now, we can be sure as a team that we share a common language and base on which to build excellent software products. Specifically, this training has helped us to better understand the agile philosophy pursued by Scrum and has allowed us to understand the benefits of many of the practices that were already using, such as daily meetings. Likewise, it has also allowed us to introduce improvements in our processes, that we are already implementing, such as work methodology retrospective meetings.

Our next challenge is to extend this agile culture to other areas of our organization: sales, finance, marketing and communication, and get the same benefits we have gained in the development area. We are also focused on improving the process of continuous integration and reaching the implementation of continued deployment of our products. To do this, we will incorporate to the team a software engineer with extensive experience in DevOps.