Valencia (Spain) – June 14, 2016 – The COO of CMITech, Philip Tusa, visits UMANICK to present the new iris reader they are about to bring to market. UMANICK is a principal integrator of CMITech products in Europe.

reconocimiento de iris
Ilko Garcia, CTO of UMANICK, and Philip Tusa, COO of CMITech, during that visit of the later to UMANICK’s office in Valencia.

Philip Tusa, COO of CMITech, visits UMANICK to present the new iris reader that the company is about to launch on the market. The new EF-45 model is ideal for access control and Time & Attendance applications, and for all other applications where security and ease of use for the user is a priority.

The device the company is about to launch on the market continues the line of other products of the manufacturer, in which the most advanced technologies are used to capture iris images with the best ISO quality for maximum precision authentication. In the words of Phil Tusa, this new model “introduces a new revolutionary approach in its user interface to achieve an iris capture rate of more than 99.5%.”

“We are replacing the mirror and the LED positioning feedback system with a highly innovative face display method. Users see their own face in the system’s 5.0 inches display and follow very simple instructions, which are to centre their head within the positioning guides, and then to size their face to the same guides. The concept is like a Smartphone “selfie”. This method makes the capturing process much more intuitive for all users, and therefore the failure-to-capture rates are greatly reduced” explained Philip Tusa during his visit.

iris recognition
Image of the new CMITech iris recognition system, the EF-45.

Other features of the new CMITech system highlighted by Philip Tusa in his presentation are as follows:

  • The depth of capture is significantly improved to 10 cm, and the stand-off range itself is 35 to 45 cm. Once the user is within proper range, a distinct green bar appears at the top of the display indicating that they should remain still for the short exposure time.
  • There is a kiosk version. This version slightly modifies the front panel to sit on the flat front surface of any kiosk.
  • The device can operate fully autonomously, safely stores the biometric patterns of users and allows comparisons 1:N extremely quickly. It has a powerful motherboard with ARM CPU and Linux OS. Communication with the device is made via an integrated on-board Ethernet connection.
  • System integrators can modify and adapt the screens that are presented to the user according to the needs of each application. To do so, it has software development kits for C# or C ++ developers.

In addition, the EF-45, with production deliveries beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2016, will be offered initially in two configurations: one for ID management applications and one for physical access control, which will include a comprehensive set of wired connections, such as RS232 and RS485, will support the Wiegand communication protocol, and will have an option for a multi-class ID card reader.

UMANICK is a leading integrator of CMITech products in Europe, and there is a close collaboration between the two companies. CMITech iris recognition systems are used specifically in the secure patient identification solution UMANICK Identity for Health, which has recently been implemented with great success in one of the main public hospitals in Murcia, the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital. And it is precisely the daily contact with real cases of patient identification using iris technologies in different hospital processes which makes UMANICK able to provide very valuable real data to help improve CMITech’s systems, especially in minimizing capturing errors of high quality iris samples.

The result of this beneficial collaboration between the two organizations is the creation of a joint protocol, currently under development, to “provide CMITech data and images of cases of iris identification problems of patients in the hospitals where UMANICK’s solution is being implemented, which CMITech technicians can use to debug their algorithms and to refine the features of their product” has highlighted Ilko Garcia, CTO of UMANICK.


At UMANICK, we are committed with the safety of persons and organizations. Our biometric software with fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition, allows people to identify themselves in an easy and secure way, something that is impossible with the traditional methods of cards and passwords.

Our main mission is to safeguard patient safety in the healthcare sector. Our solutions avoid patient harm stemming from identification errors in healthcare processes at hospitals and medical centres. We also eliminate fraud by patient identity theft, reduce healthcare spending, and improve the image and reputation of the hospital.

Other sectors that benefit from our secure identification biometric systems are Banking and means of payment, Public Administration and Education.

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CMITech is a leading developer of high performance, cost effective iris recognition systems for the global biometrics and secure identity assurance markets. Founded in 2009 by Dr. JJ Chae, a true pioneer in the field of iris recognition biometrics, CMITech’s vision is to develop a range of iris recognition products that combine outstanding usability with exceptional quality and performance. CMITech’s compact, robust systems are suitable for the widest range of applications, including large scale enrolment programs, immigration and border control, law enforcement, healthcare, financial services and access control.

CMITech is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and maintains its principal sales and marketing office in San Jose, California, USA.

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