Are you an engineer with experience in DevOps? Do you like working in agile environments? Would you like to join one of the most innovative European startups and participate in the development of a high-tech product? If you answer is Yes, read on, we have an offer that will interest you for sure.

We seek an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer to help us build, automate and monitor UMANICK’s technology infrastructure.

If you would like to work in a young, dynamic, open minded and international company, with technologically interesting projects and that offers the possibility of both professional and personal development, send your CV to


As DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the technological infrastructure available in different UMANICK software development, testing and production environments. In addition you must keep all the infrastructure on which underpins all our operations environment and corporate services (ERP, CRM, VoIP, Internet, E-mail, etc.). You will work with software engineers and fully integrate into the development team to participate in the design and programming of micro-services and APIs REST and SOAP, as well as different applications for different environments (web, mobile, desktop, etc. ). You will help in the training and continuous improvement processes of the entire team, promoting the adoption of good practices of integration, delivery and continuous deployment of the software product. You will also lead the tasks to automate and simplify our operations and manufacturing processes by implementing, configuring and maintenance of various tools.


  • Assessment and determination of the best architecture and technology stack according to business requirements.
  • Implement and support a cloud production environment, with a particular emphasis on scalability and system availability.
  • Support the development team in the design and implementation of APIs and micro-services that enable computing distribution in the cloud system.
  • Support the implementation of integration practices, continuous delivery and deployment.


    3.1. EDUCATION
  • Computer Engineer with specialized studies in operating systems, data transmission and exchange, software and communications.
  • Knowledge of LAN and wireless networks management.
  • Essential, demonstrable (with oficial certifications) HIGH level of English.
  • Experience (5-10 years) in managing Linux / Windows systems, with knowledge of communications and security. Experience in the use of environment monitoring tools and applications (eg. Nagios, Pandora FMS, Cacti, Zabbix, GrounfWork). Experience in using remote access tools and secure protocols (eg. PuTTY, WinSCP, UltraVNC). Experience in using asset management tools and computer media inventory (eg. GLPI, OCS inventory, etc.)
  • Experience (3-5 years) with VMware virtualization and / or VirtualBox, both desktop and servers.
  • Ability to use a wide variety of technologies and Open Source tools.
  • Experience (3-5 years) in using IaaS cloud providers. Knowledge of design and implementation of applications using the “best of the best” of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and / or Google Cloud. Advanced knowledge on how to address the critical challenges of cloud environments, such as: virtualization, high performance, high availability, fault tolerance, etc.
  • Experience in back-end development and great scripts programming skills (eg. Bash, Powershell, Perl, Python, JavaScript, among others) to automate repeated processes. Familiar with APIs design and REST services.
  • Ability and experience in scripts coding and building to launch and orchestrate the full deployment of development (DEV), testing (QA) and production (PRO) environment using tools like Chef, Puppet, CFEngine or other such tools.
  • Experience with database systems (SQL, MySQL, NoSQL) and network file systems. DBA experience, experience with horizontal scaling of databases and “database failover”. Experience in migration of large volumes of data.
  • Solid understanding of configuration management tools and infrastructure automation, like Chef, Puppet or Ansible. Practical experience and advanced knowledge of tools integration management, delivery and continuous deployment. Experience in using tools such as Packer, Vagran, Terraform, Nomad, among others.
  • Experience in configuring and encoding tasks in Jenkins, Knowledge of Maven. Experience in the use, implementation, configuration and maintenance of version control systems with GIT.
  • Experience in using Aylassian suite applications: Confluence, JIRA Software, ServiceDesk JIRA, Bamboo, Bitbucket, HipChat.
  • Must listen and communicate well.
  • Disposition and preference for teamwork.
  • A strong focus on business results.
  • Customer vocation.
  • Someone who cares and can lead others.
  • Willing to share their ideas and scripts with the team.
  • Someone who can guide people and make people think together to solve problems.
  • Internal / external customer-oriented.
  • Analytical skills and structured mindset.
  • High degree of planning and personal organization.
  • Effective oral and written communication.
  • Capacity for teamwork.
  • Good level of initiative and creativity.
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • High degree of motivation.
  • Good attitude to change.
  • In favour of work by objectives.


Immediate incorporation in an innovative and growing company, where the most important element is the people who compose it. At UMANICK, we work with quality methods, and manage the Company with modern company management criteria in the line of business excellence and operational efficiency.
You will be a key member of a team with a high collaborative level, where you can share your knowledge and experience with professionals like yourself. Continuous career plan, training plan and professional development.

  • Type of contract: Initially, 1 year, indefinite from the second year.
  • Working hours: Full time.
  • Salary: According to experience and value.
  • Availability: Immediate.