Success Story Arrixaca Hospital, video on the successful implementation of UMANICK Identity for Health at the Onco-Hematology Day Hospital of Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia

success story hospital virgen de la arrixaca

The following video describes the process to securely identify patients at the Onco-Hematology Day Hospital of Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia. The Murcia Public Healthcare Service has chosen UMANICK’s biometric identification solution, UMANICK Identity for Health, to carry out an innovative pilot project at the Arrixaca Hospital’s Day Hospital, because it is a very sensitive area where identification errors can have fatal consequences.

UMANICK Identity for Health uses the most advanced biometric technologies: fingerprint, iris, and face recognition; and is perfectly integrated with the hospital information system (Selene) and the processes in the Day Hospital.

The video estates the benefits of the implementation of the secure patient identification system, which can be summarised in four main accomplishments: no more patient harm due to wrong identification, zero fraud by patient identity theft, reduction in healthcare spending and zero ‘second victims’ (no more nurses or doctors suffering when involved in patient harm caused by identification errors).

Arrixaca Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the world to use this innovative secure patient identification technology.


Video Success Story Arrixaca Hospital.