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Emilio Gallego presented UMANICK solutions in Sao Paulo to more than 250 C-level executives of 25 healthcare providers, who treat a total of 19 million patients in Brazil annually.

There were 40 companies selected from different countries, including UMANICK, to attend the event at the TechEmerge Brazil Healthcare Innovation Summit (http://www.umanick.com/en/umanick-selected-for-the-techemerge-health-innovation-summit/). They all had a stand from which they could show their solutions and technologies.

Only 12 of these companies were selected to make a presentation and live demo of the solution in the plenary session, in front of all the attendees. UMANICK successfully demonstrated the best way to identify patients in the hospital environment through fingerprint biometrics, facial and iris recognition.

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Emilio Gallego also participated in a round table moderated by Selçuk Tanatar, director of strategic solutions at IFC (https://www.ifc.org), in which he spoke more in depth about the improvement of patient safety with a secure identification.

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The main goal of the event was to connect innovative companies with Brazilian healthcare providers, to set up pilot projects, which IFC will finance with a pool of 1 million dollars.

UMANICK wanted to carry out a pilot project in one of the 25 healthcare providers, and finally 2 of the them were highly interested. Now they are working on the detailed definition of the pilot projects for both Brazilian healthcare organizations.

These good results would not have been possible without the good organization of the TechEmerge program (http://techemergebrazil.org) and the professionalism of the members of IFC and BIONEXO (http://bionexo.com).