Valencia (Spain) – August 17, 2016 – UMANICK has been selected for the 4th edition of the acceleration program of the mobile Internet projects accelerator IMPACT.


(Internet Mobile Projects Accelerator) has completed its fourth and final call by selecting 11 new European startups that use FIWARE technologies, UMANICK among them, which they will support over the next few months with funding, mentoring and intensive training.

IMPACT is one of the 16 consortiums selected by the European Commission within the framework of the Seventh Framework Programme. The consortium is made up of ISDI, Buongiorno, Teknologiudviking ApS, Seaya Ventures and a network of entrepreneurs and well-known professionals of the digital European ecosystem. Its objective is to accelerate at least 64 European startups focusing on Mobile Internet, subsidizing each startup up to 100,000 euros without equity consideration, investing a total of 6.4 million euros in two years.

The acceleration program in which UMANICK is taking part, named IMPACT Extension Program, will start next September and will finish in November. It is specifically designed to offer advanced services to more mature startups. These services include additional funding, digital missions in Silicon Valley and the UK, mentoring and training, growth hacking education, equity crowdfunding, and micro-grants that will allow startups to attend and partner with top events across Europe. The startups will receive an extra 50,000 euros each, equity-free, to help them grow their businesses to the next level, focusing on marketing, internationalization, working with big corps, and achieving the next round of funding.

Out of 989 FIWARE startups in Europe, 31 were invited to apply for the IMPACT Extension Program. These 31 were judged to be the best, based on their integration of FIWARE and the strength of their business. Independent external evaluators and the IMPACT Steering Committee then chose the eleven finalists.

For Emilio Gallego, CEO of UMANICK, being selected for IMPACT Extension Program “shows again the confidence of the FIWARE community in our project, because this program is the continuation of the FIWARE VIP Programme in which UMANICK has been taking part.”



At UMANICK, we are committed with the safety of persons and organizations. Our biometric software with fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition, allows people to identify themselves in an easy and secure way, something that is impossible with the traditional methods of cards and passwords.

Our main mission is to safeguard patient safety in the healthcare sector. Our solutions avoid patient harm stemming from identification errors in healthcare processes at hospitals and medical centres. We also eliminate fraud by patient identity theft, reduce healthcare spending, and improve the image and reputation of the hospital.

Other sectors that benefit from our secure identification biometric systems are Banking and means of payment, Public Administration and Education.

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