UMANICK has a new business development team for Latin America that will be based in Bogota, Colombia.

equipo umanick latam

Standing (left to right): Emilio Gallego-CEO of UMANICK, Augusto Marin. Seating (left to right): Mara de Moya, Edwin Rodriguez.

UMANICK’s strategic growth plan focuses on Latin America, more specifically on three markets: Colombia, Peru and Mexico. These countries show a great potential for biometric identification, especially in sectors such as healthcare and banking and means of payment.

The creation of the new commercial team for LATAM is a further step in achieving the objectives that UMANICK has set in the short term, granting a stable presence in the region that allows attending current opportunities and developing new business.

A team with extensive experience in the ICT sector

With the incorporation of Mara de Moya, Edwin Rodriguez and Augusto Marin in Bogota, UMANICK has a team of professionals with solid experience in the Latin American ICT sector.

Mara de Moya is a Professional in Radio and TV Production from Colegio Superior de Telecomunicaciones de Colombia, and Journalist with emphasis in electronic media from Corporacion Tecnica de Colombia.

Entrepreneur with skills in business and extensive experience in the development of business and corporate communication strategies in the Colombian and international markets; in organizations in the technological sector, banking and finance, and government, among others.

I join the UMANICK team to coordinate the Business Development area of the expansion strategy in LATAM – based in Bogota, Colombia – whose short-term objective is positioning the brand, the definition of opportunities and the establishment of strategic agreements for business development” said Mara about her new responsibilities.

Edwin Rodriguez is an Administration and Systems Analyst, Specialist in Commercial Management and Negotiation, holding a Diploma in Excellence, Productivity and Competitiveness. He is currently completing his studies in Information Systems Technology.

He has more than 17 years of business experience in the telecommunications and ICT sector, managing both public and private sector accounts. Marketing of software, applications and cloud computing; Trade strategies aimed at opening new markets; Customer loyalty; Training and sales force training; Project planning and coordination; and consulting and implementation of ICT on corporate systems, are some of the experiences and skills developed by Edwin during his professional career.

His main interest and focus is that UMANICK is recognized in Colombia as the main biometric identification company, being a reference for other companies and generating value solutions. “This will be achieved through ethical and honest work, listening first to the client so that we can deliver the right solution for the real need”, said Edwin.

Augusto Marin is a Systems Engineer, IT Projects Management Specialist and Master Degree in Business Management from Universidad Distrital in Colombia and Escuela de Negocios de Barcelona.

Since 1997, he has generated value as an IT Project Consultant and business manager in the areas of SAAS, Cloud Computing, and Social CRM & Business Intelligence, among others.

His main interests are to bring innovative and proven solutions to markets where they are required, always generating an opportunity for digital transformation for organizations in sectors such as healthcare, banking and services. For Augusto “the way organizations seek and acquire services is no longer the same. We are facing better informed clients. The value proposition as experience and the close link between customers and suppliers provided by the Internet social media world grants that a business will grow or disappear; It is here the work of commercial agents must focus on, not on how to sell, but on why organizations should acquire a service or solution”.