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TechEmerge Health Brazil ( is a program for international companies with proven technologies, to access the Brazilian healthcare market

The goal of TechEmerge Health is to provide advanced technological solutions to the health sector in emerging countries. The first edition was made with great success 2 years ago in India (

The program brings together innovators from around the world with health providers in the country, facilitating agreements among them for the implementation of pilot projects, which may later scale up. In this way, the innovative company obtains a first customer and entry into the country, and the health provider uses an innovative solution that provides considerable improvements.

TechEmerge is an initiative of INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION, IFC (, belonging to the WORLD BANK (, that, in addition to making the selections of health providers and innovators, finances with a total of 1 million dollars the pilot projects that the parties agree to carry out.

TechEmerge Brazil selected 25 health providers (see list of companies at:, with a total of 12,000 hospital beds and 900 laboratory units, offering health services to a total of 19 million Brazilian patients a year, and who want to implement technological solutions for their improvement.

Regarding the innovators, around 300 companies from 34 countries were presented, of which approximately 10% (of a total of 11 countries) were selected, among them UMANICK, for the final event of connection with the health providers. The selection was made by 35 independent expert consultants and by the 25 Brazilian health providers themselves.

The final event is TechEmerge Health Innovation Summit that takes place in Sao Paulo on June 28 and 29. The selected innovators will demonstrate their solutions to more than 200 executives of Brazilian healthcare companies, general managers of international healthcare technology companies, and strategic collaborators of the health ecosystem.

In addition to having a stand during that time as the rest of selected innovators, UMANICK has been selected among the 9 companies that will present their project in the plenary meeting to all attendees.