Valencia (Spain) – September 12, 2016 – UMANICK has signed the entry of two new international partners in its shareholding structure.

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On the photo, from left to right, Heinz Pichler from EMECA, Ilko García y Emilio Gallego from UMANICK, and Joachim Keck.

These are the IT sector Business Angel from Germany Joachim Keck and the Dutch investment company EMECA, B.V. The investment has been a mix of capital contribution and loan on favourable terms, totalling 600.000€. 

The entry of the new partners strengthens the internationalization of UMANICK. For Emilio Gallego, CEO of UMANICK, “The investment of the new partners in our company is a boost of confidence in the UMANICK’s project. They will also contribute with their knowledge of both business management and international markets, to a project that was already born and is developing with a global vision”.

“UMANICK had already managed to show initial traction with customers where our products are installed and running. The funds provided now will allow the company to hire more professionals and to acquire other resources to develop its business more quickly, to climb faster on the market” has also added the hitherto Sole Administrator of the company, who with the expansion becomes Managing Director.

Joachim Keck, who will join the Board of Directors of UMANICK along with the two founding partners, Emilio Gallego and Ilko Garcia, said that the main reasons that led him to invest are “the rapid growth experienced by the world biometrics market and its potential, as well as the experience and professionalism of the management team of UMANICK “.

The competence and commitment of the team behind UMANICK have also been some of the reasons given by Heinz Pichler, Director of EMECA. The biometric software developed by UMANICK, the growth in the eHealth sector, and the fact that the Spanish government has created a friendly environment for foreign investment in the IT sector are the other reasons.



At UMANICK, we are committed with the safety of persons and organizations. Our biometric software with fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition, allows people to identify themselves in an easy and secure way, something that is impossible with the traditional methods of cards and passwords.

Our main mission is to safeguard patient safety in the healthcare sector. Our solutions avoid patient harm stemming from identification errors in healthcare processes at hospitals and medical centres. We also eliminate fraud by patient identity theft, reduce healthcare spending, and improve the image and reputation of the hospital.

Other sectors that benefit from our secure identification biometric systems are Banking and means of payment, Public Administration and Education.

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