The UMANICK Team continues to grow to meet the new challenges that we will face in the coming months. The latest to join the team has been Maria Jose Villanueva del Pozo.

Maria Jose Villanueva del Pozo holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia under the guidance of the Research Centre on Software Production Methods (ProS). In 2009, she earned a degree in Computer Engineering. In 2011, she finished the Masters in Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems. And finally, in 2016, she earned the doctorate degree. All this, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

maría josé villanueva

Her major interests are best practices and software and information systems design patterns, and the technologies for the implementation of these principles, but she also has a great passion for genetics and personalized medicine. These interests, a priori so scattered, have led her to focus her scientific research in the creation of quality bioinformatic services. Specifically, her doctoral thesis proposes a model-driven agile method to involve end users, such as geneticists, in the development of domain-specific languages (DSLs).

For Jose Maria joining the UMANICK business project is the logical step after having spent the last years doing academic research: “My interest in working at UMANICK arises from my curiosity about the business environment, which I see as the necessary next step after doing research and development on software production methods in the academic field for the past 5 years. From joining UMANICK, I hope to enrich my experience in software development, putting in practice my theoretical knowledge. As part of the UMANICK team, I hope to provide a more methodological vision on software development in order to deliver quality to the development processes currently implemented at the company.

To Ilko Garcia, UMANICK CTO, “Maria Jose will play an important role, strengthening software development project management and product quality assurance. In addition to strengthening and increasing the capacity of the development team in product production.” Key issues for software development such as the introduction of TDD and BDD in the product development life cycle and improving continuous integration processes and the implementation of continuum delivery, are some of the short-term goals for Jose Maria according to Ilko.

From here, we welcome Maria Jose and wish her that her new career at UMANICK is very beneficial for her and the company, and fulfils all her professional expectations.